Cisco WebView Reporting: If the outbound ‘Dialer Port Status Real Time Report’ is blank…

First let me tell you who’s controlling this, why the report is not there?

By default the report is left as blank as delivering the status feed of the ports are off by default. This is due to minimize the data flow and bandwidth between Dialer and the ICM.  So you need to enable it from Windows Registry settings if you need the report.

How to enable it?

That’s simple. Go to registry value:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\ICM\<cust_inst>\ Dialer\RTPortFeedDisable

It’s ‘1’ by default, change it to ‘0’ from both the dialer (if you have duplex mode dialer). That’s it!!! 🙂 So simple, right??

Generate the report now.

Go to Cisco WebView Reporting portal>Outbound Options>Dialer Port>Create a Report>dialpr01: Dialer Port Status Real Time.

Enjoy the real time status of your dialer ports, this report plays very important role when you are troubleshooting the dialer.