CUCME: If you get the error “ERROR: could not add peer”

I got this strange (not literary!!) error today while adding one dial-peer and I was just wondered seeing the error (‘ERROR: could not add peer’) and I was thinking ‘what happened to my router!!’, but it’s not a strange message! Sometime your CME router won’t allow you to create any additional dial-peer or any additional DN on your router. So what’s the fix? Before that let’s discuss why router was not allowing you to create additional dial-peer or DN. It’s because of the insufficient memory the router was running with. I issued the command ‘max ephone-dn 20’ while I was needed only 5! It reserved my router memory from the pool and made my router hungry! So let’s discuss what’s the fix?

1. Check how many DN you have created additionally more than you need. If you need 5, create ‘max ephone-dn 5’. 🙂 Don’t reserve your router memory with additional DNs.

2. Check your IO-Memory what’s the percentage is there? By default the routers reserves 25% memory from the pool for IO, I have set it down to 10% and my router is booting fine. Minimize your iomem setting with the command ‘memory-size iomem xx’ where xx is the least percentage of memory your router need to be boot up.

3.  If none of the methods trick, then remove the additional features and commands from the router. If you don’t need the QoS, don’t apply and enable it. If you have any additional modules/slots connected to your router remove it! Configure your router just as per your need, it might save lots of your router memory.

4. If none of the above tricks, then I’m sorry. 🙂 Order a new memory and increase your router memory.

Anyway, This document helped me understanding the DN things:;jsessionid=59932EFC68B7475599481780EE688611.node0

Thanks to the author ‘TCC’ (that’s the name I have found on the post.)