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Hey fellows! Nah, I’m not inactive! Just I have changed my job and relocated to UAE – the Arab land, relocation isn’t a easy task, I swear! So I wasn’t very active on my blogs. But you can find me at INE forum – IEOC, specially on Voice forums anytime. I am still trying to be very active there and I will be answering your questions, doubts or any technical helps related to Cisco UC.

Happy labbing!

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Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Dynamic CRM 4.0, CTI integration made easy!

You must have known with the term ‘CTI Integration or CTI Development’ if you are working with Contact Center! It’s completely a coding job to develop the front-end GUI and integration with the CTI, have to have knowledge on contact center CTI area as well as connection procedures with CRM via SOAP or Web Service or ODBC/JDBC whatever they allow. But Cisco is ready to help you for Microsoft Dynamic CRM even for others like, Cisco brings a software named ‘Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Dynamic CRM’ which will save your integration time as well as will saving overall contact center budgeting! Ok, let’s see how it works…

Microsoft Dynamic CRM is a browser based server where you can administer, edit of view the customer contact/record. Cisco Unified CallConnector is basically a server-client process where the server need to be installed on the CRM server itself, and the client needs to be installed on agent desktops. Let me write few simple quotes to think it more easily!

1. Install the ‘Cisco Unified CallConnector (CUCC) for Microsoft Dynamic CRM’ server on the CRM server itself. It will need proper authentication to access (read/write) the CRM.

2. Install the client tool on each agent desktop, it will need the server hostname as well as authentication to access the CUCC server. The client machine must need to be on the same Active Directory domain to authenticate the user on the CRM otherwise you might get ‘access denied’ message!

3. Create some rules Contact Center server (it was UCCX for me) to call some automatic events while ringing, answered or even call is dropped. It will push your CAD to deliver the ANI or any required information to CUCC so that the CUCC client can communication with the CUCC server accordingly. You can configure your CUCC client to pop-up the contact information automatically!

Press here to get the detail about the Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Dynamic CRM, and here to get the integration document from Cisco, and it’s your goal to get the software from CCO.

Just arrived my CCIE plaque, it’s cool! I’m loving it!! :)

Just received my CCIE plaque, the CCIE printed certificate and some kits from Cisco. I’m loving it! 🙂

A note of appreciations: thanks to everyone who were with me on the journey!

Of course this is not any technical post anymore! I want to remember my all friends and study mates who were with me on my CCIE journey. I’m really so grateful to all who helped me with discussions, strategies and advices.

I wish to give thanks to Allen, Monty, Ossamah, Eli and Nirvair (US); Salmaan (Singapore); John (UK); Chikkis, Vijay and Ranjan (India); Olivier (Belgium); Roger (Sweden); Shohag (Dhaka); Iwan (Netherlands); Ravindra (SriLanka)  and many others for all sort of helps and guidance through the lab!

I shall give special thanks to my study partners Allen, Monty, Salmaan and John, we all have our CCIE# now with us, we had very nice cooperation through the lab! We are the successful group ever I can bet! We really had true dedications, researching and quick issue solving capabilities, I can’t forget those days of studying! Hats of guys!!!

Now it’s the time to enjoy the number I know, but I really don’t know how to enjoy it! 🙂 Looking forward for some vacations and having some good time with parents and family, I really need a rest now. 🙂

I passed! CCIE#27424

I will share my experience and strategy later on, just a small update for now. I have passed the CCIE Voice lab, my CCIE # is 27424. 🙂


Tell me why i won’t be frustrated when Indian embassy rejected my visa application, now applied for UAE and now i have to wait for long 4/5 days more to get confirmation on that! The weird situation is, if they also reject my application i won’t be able to sit for lab within 2 months. 😦

Use Single Switchport to Connect Multiple IP Phones: A Workaround :)

Don’t tell me I’m kidding with you guys, I have short of switchports near my desk so I used a single switchport to connect three 7941 IP Phones for the lab. 🙂

The procedure is very simple, connect the second phone ‘Switch Port’ with the first phone ‘PC Port’, again third phone ‘Switch Port’ with the second phone ‘PC Port’ and so on…. Don’t forget to set all the Switch and PC ports to ‘100Mbps Full Duplex’ rather than ‘Auto-Negotiation’. Also configure a single access vlan on the actual switchport configuration your first phone is connected with and don’t configure the voice vlan on the switchport. Configure the IP/Default Router/TFTP 1/TFTP2 manually on the phones rather than DHCP. Also you will need power adapters for all the phones except the first phone if your switch is PoE capable. That’s all! You can have a try, my phones are working great. Again, I’m using the topology for the lab only, never think about it for the production. 😀