Import CUCM users to Unity Connection and UCCX

To Import at Unity Connection: Specify the ‘Primary Extension’ on the user page. Also active AXL service from both CUCM and CUCON.

To Import at UCCX: Specify the ‘IPCC Extension’ on the user page.

For both the cases pre-integration with CUCM is a must.

Automatic Call Recording at UCCX!!!

I was googling for such solution where call recording would start automatically without the recording key pressed by supervisors. Some renowned third party recording solutions are there like Verint or NICE, but I knew the recording feature is a built-in feature of UCCX, so why not using it? But the default option is to start recording by the supervisor himself manually for any selected agent, but it won’t start recording calls of all agents automatically. I started looking for it when found it can be done by modifying the workflow by someone from Cisco Support Community, and I just found it while navigating the Cisco Desktop Administrator (CDA) options. I have just paste down the screenshost from CDA, but the rest of integration and call flow scripting? You have to done it by yourself bro.

1. Navigate to Work Flow Groups>CAD Agent>Voice Contact Work Flows:

2. Add a new ‘Voice Contact Work Flow List’, I have named it ‘AutoCallRecord’:

3.  Add call record start event at ‘Answered Call’:

4. Similarly add another recording stop event:

5. Set a simple rule like ‘Called Party Number != empty’:

6. All done! This will start recording the agent calls automatically without any supervisor involvement, BUT these recorded calls would be available for the particular supervisor only, this is not global for all. That is, the CSQ agents calls would be available to only the supervisor assigned for those agents who can review/delete/save those. Now let’s look at the recorded files:

7.  And let’s see the supervisor recording access page:

One limitation is there for you, with Premium license you can record 80 simultaneous calls at max, and with Enhanced license it’s 32. Also, it’s resource hungry solution, so think before your server and sizing before configuring it! Also, you must have to configure SPAN based or Desktop sniffing based network configurations before you start recording/monitoring. This Cisco guide will must help you regarding all these: