UCCE: If you can’t manage OPCcap logs…

Two approach you can follow:

1. The automatic scheduled tasks already should be on the PG server, so learn how to manage the logs from this tech-note.

2. You can simply stop logging by turning off the registry key ‘CaptureMessages’ under OPC at each PG, make it ‘0’ to turn it off.


Cisco WebView Reporting: If the outbound ‘Dialer Port Status Real Time Report’ is blank…

First let me tell you who’s controlling this, why the report is not there?

By default the report is left as blank as delivering the status feed of the ports are off by default. This is due to minimize the data flow and bandwidth between Dialer and the ICM.  So you need to enable it from Windows Registry settings if you need the report.

How to enable it?

That’s simple. Go to registry value:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\ICM\<cust_inst>\ Dialer\RTPortFeedDisable

It’s ‘1’ by default, change it to ‘0’ from both the dialer (if you have duplex mode dialer). That’s it!!! 🙂 So simple, right??

Generate the report now.

Go to Cisco WebView Reporting portal>Outbound Options>Dialer Port>Create a Report>dialpr01: Dialer Port Status Real Time.

Enjoy the real time status of your dialer ports, this report plays very important role when you are troubleshooting the dialer.

UCCE: redirect ICM calls to external PSTN side IVR

Probably this is my first note on UCCE on this blog site, truly I love UCCE call routing and ICM scripting more than anything on Cisco Voice domain though I am not playing with UCCE for recent days for my CCIE Voice study. I had an interesting requirement from my customer to redirect the active call to external IVR located at PSTN side (probably Ericsson build though it doesn’t matter who is the vendor). Both UCCE and that external IVR is reachable to customers through different short-code/DN but they want to reach both of them from single point of contact, through single short-code. The requirement is like below:

Customers calling UCCE site—>UCCE site IVR—>Customer presses any specific CED to route to external IVR—>Route to external IVR—>Call is connected to external IVR

Though it’s seems kinda complicated to deploy but so easy to work with just I have to sacrifice engaging one more CVP Queue and Transfer port for some seconds, FYI CVP is the VRU for my site. Ok let’s break the bottleneck:

1. On the ICM particular script add ‘Transfer to VRU’ and then ‘Label’, put the desired DN on ‘Label’ node to call the external IVR with some prefix,

2. CVP will try to reach the number through GK: so create a zone prefix/zone local/etc depends on deployment model for that particular DN with prefix destination with CUCM or H.323 VGW,

3. If the destination is CUCM the create a route pattern and route is to the H.323 VGW,

4. Create a pots dial-peer towards outbound PRI port, strip down the prefix added earlier and make sure your called party switch is accepting the call and routing is to proper destination IVR.

That’s it! During this dialing process your CVP will engage two ports, one for inbound switch leg another for outbound switch leg but after the call is connected it will only use two PRI channels. Yea I know it’s challenging to accept such requirements from customers but I believe UCCE platform is the platform for all possibilities and I love these challenges. 🙂