Single Number Reach on CME

I can remember it was not so single procedure to configure SNR on CUCM, but on CME? It’s more easy! Just few commands and that’s it! So let’s do it…

This is my phone I configured SNR:


ephone-dn 3 octo-line
 number 645
 label 645
 description Mijanur Rahman
 name Mijanur Rahman
 snr 998180433 delay 5 timeout 15

ephone-template  1
 softkeys idle  Redial Newcall Mobility Cfwdall Pickup Dnd
 softkeys connected  Endcall Hold Mobility
ephone  3
 device-security-mode none
 mac-address 0023.5EB7.2949
 ephone-template 1
 type 7961
 button  1:3
dial-peer voice 6 pots
 destination-pattern 99.......
 port 0/0/0
 forward-digits 8


About Mijanur Rahman
Mijanur started blogging to save and share his study and research notes. A deep diver in technologies and loves to participate in technical brainstorming. Proud father of two wonderful daughters loves to spend time with them. He writes about the topics that people deal with every day mainly on technology arena. To get in touch contact him at

One Response to Single Number Reach on CME

  1. Jimmie Joauqin says:

    I have CME 8.6 trying to run SNR. I have the following configuration:
    ephone-template 1
    softkeys idle Redial Newcall Mobility Cfwdall
    softkeys connected Endcall Confrn Hold Join Trnsfer Mobility Park
    ephone-dn 1 dual-line
    number 5855551212
    label Donald Duck
    description 5855551212
    name Donald Duck
    snr calling-number local
    snr 7165551212 delay 5 timeout 15 cfwd-noan 5885551212
    snr ring-stop
    snr answer-too-soon 4
    ephone 1
    device-security-mode none
    mac-address 001E.9999.3998
    ephone-template 1
    type 7965
    button 1:1
    When trying SNR inbound to 5855551212 it does not forward to my mobile. I do not even see a call being initiated on the CME side. I am using a SIP trunk. Also when a call is connected I press the mobility button and send to mobile 7165551212 and it fails. Once again I see no SIP INVITE. Almost like SNR is not enabled on the CME. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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