Single Number Reach on CME

I can remember it was not so single procedure to configure SNR on CUCM, but on CME? It’s more easy! Just few commands and that’s it! So let’s do it…

This is my phone I configured SNR:


ephone-dn 3 octo-line
 number 645
 label 645
 description Mijanur Rahman
 name Mijanur Rahman
 snr 998180433 delay 5 timeout 15

ephone-template  1
 softkeys idle  Redial Newcall Mobility Cfwdall Pickup Dnd
 softkeys connected  Endcall Hold Mobility
ephone  3
 device-security-mode none
 mac-address 0023.5EB7.2949
 ephone-template 1
 type 7961
 button  1:3
dial-peer voice 6 pots
 destination-pattern 99.......
 port 0/0/0
 forward-digits 8