Can you change the CSS of a pattern? It’s simple by Translation Pattern

I won’t make this note longer by explaining it, a simple example will help enough to understand it!

Think for the example: you have a pattern 9.[2-9]XXXXXX which is configured on partition: PT-SA-User (part of CSS-SA-User), route list: RL-SA-SLRG. Now you want your SB users dial the same pattern but their CSS doesnt’ have sufficient permission to access the partition PT-SA-User. So what to do? Just assign the partition under their CSS right? I know it’s the simplest method but to learn to change the permission we shall do it with Translation Pattern (TP).

On the configuration page of translation-pattern you will see there is one ‘Partition’ field and another is ‘CSS’ field, so what’s the reason to give both partition and CSS on the same page? The reason and rule is simple. Think ‘From the parition xxx’ and ‘To the CSS yyy’, so any incoming call from the Partition  xxx will fall down to the CSS yyy. That’s simple, right? Now let’s finish the job!

Create one TP with Partition: PT-SB-User, CSS: CSS-SA-User, put the exact pattern you need to change partition  i.e. 9[2-9]XXXXXX. That’s done! Now though the SB user CSS doesn’t contain the partition PT-SA-User, but the SB phones still can dial through the pattern configured with PT-SA-User, because we changed the permission with Translation Pattern!

Happy Labbing! I’m really missing those days of labbing! 😦


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3 Responses to Can you change the CSS of a pattern? It’s simple by Translation Pattern

  1. Dennis says:

    I can’t find the CSS field that you are reffing to. Cisco Called Party Transormation Patter Configuration has the following fields:

    Pattern Definition
    patter, partition, description, number plan, router filter, urgent priority,
    Called Party Transformations:
    Discard digits, Called Party transformation mask, prefix digits, called party number type, called party numbering plan

    Can you post a picture to illistrate.

  2. dreamforccie says:

    Now I shall start labbing with UCCE 8.0 components…lots of new features I really need to explore! I have also plan for CVP….

  3. Skybaba says:

    Not labbing anymore???

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