Cisco WebView Reporting: If the outbound ‘Dialer Port Status Real Time Report’ is blank…

First let me tell you who’s controlling this, why the report is not there?

By default the report is left as blank as delivering the status feed of the ports are off by default. This is due to minimize the data flow and bandwidth between Dialer and the ICM.  So you need to enable it from Windows Registry settings if you need the report.

How to enable it?

That’s simple. Go to registry value:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\ICM\<cust_inst>\ Dialer\RTPortFeedDisable

It’s ‘1’ by default, change it to ‘0’ from both the dialer (if you have duplex mode dialer). That’s it!!! 🙂 So simple, right??

Generate the report now.

Go to Cisco WebView Reporting portal>Outbound Options>Dialer Port>Create a Report>dialpr01: Dialer Port Status Real Time.

Enjoy the real time status of your dialer ports, this report plays very important role when you are troubleshooting the dialer.


About Mijanur Rahman
Mijanur started blogging to save and share his study and research notes. A deep diver in technologies and loves to participate in technical brainstorming. Proud father of two wonderful daughters loves to spend time with them. He writes about the topics that people deal with every day mainly on technology arena. To get in touch contact him at

6 Responses to Cisco WebView Reporting: If the outbound ‘Dialer Port Status Real Time Report’ is blank…

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  2. here says:

    This blog is pretty good. How did you make it !?

    • Mijanur Rahman says:

      Cisco is really rich on documentations – it was just taken from any of the articles, can’t remember exactly from where. If you really need this I can search on some old repository. 🙂

  3. Javier says:

    Hi Mijanur,
    You blog is amazing, i will like to take advantage of you UCCE experience and askyou a question, maybe you can helpme with an issue i’m having at this point.
    Recently on a customer upgraded cucce platform from version 7.1.5 to 8.0.3 and have an issue with dialer ports, it seems that CPA values on registry were changed and now personal callbacks or preview dialing calls are not being transfered to agents, somehow dialer ports don’t recognize the audio of an active call and think customer abandoned, then call is never transfered to the agent and droped at custiomer side. i have been triyng different values, but not really sure what are the best CPA settings on dialer ports, can you suggest me a set of values i can use?

    thanks in advance fir you help.

  4. dreamforccie says:

    what do you mean by ‘exchange links’?

  5. Vitalievna says:

    I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

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