ESX 3.5i on HP DL320 G4: doesn’t work on RAID 0

This server is well known to as Cisco MCS 7825-H2 to us rather than the origin DL320 G4. I was working with this blade server today, was trying to install ESX3.5i on RAID 0, but unfortunately it’s not supported. I checked the HP site ( and got the proof, but surprisingly it works with RAID 1 (mirrored), but on the ESX Datastore it shows TWO (!!!) datastores! each with 74GB, 74GB+74GB=128GB in total! I couldn’t figure out how it could happen, it should show only 74GB in total if it is configured with RAID 1, right? I have no idea what is going on…


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4 Responses to ESX 3.5i on HP DL320 G4: doesn’t work on RAID 0

  1. Rodney Beede says:

    Old thread but ESXi doesn’t support Fake raid or software raid. The built-in SATA controller only has fake raid.

  2. dreamforccie says:

    I was able to install on RAID 1 and even boot up.

  3. Jacob Witul says:

    I have not found an install of ESXi 3.5 to actually work on the MCS 7825/ Dl320 G4, whether RAID 0 or RAID 1, it would install but not boot. Did you have success?

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