Key Command to Check cBarge in CME

I was working with cBarge on CME last day, there were nothing to configure except the softkey template at the state ‘remote-in-use’. So I thought the functionality is already there, I just need to work with it, was waiting for the smile at end to finish the task. Lol. Who knew i’m going to kill more 2 hours to troubleshoot it!! Not exactly, it was the configuration itself!

The feature ‘Privacy’ was inheriting me to test the feature. It is enabled by default for all the phones and need to disable it from either globally from ‘telephony-service’ of from each phone. Until unless privacy is disabled this functionality cannot be checked because every phone is hiding the ‘remote-in-use’ state as other phones are privacy enabled! Got it right? So, what’s the procedures to disable privacy?

1. The target DN would must be an octo-line DN

ephone-dn  x  octo-line

number xxxx

2. Globally from telephony-service:

no privacy

3. Locally from each phone:

ephone  2
privacy off

So, if you want to test the cBarge functionality, you must disable privacy either from telephony-service or from phones. Oh, one more thing I just forgot to specify, you will must need the hardware conference bridge and the ad-hoc conference DN to be active during cBarge.


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2 Responses to Key Command to Check cBarge in CME

  1. dreamforccie says:

    Hi Munish, I have researched the issue after your posting but anyhow the specific IOS is not triggering the privacy/privacy-button within the ephone-template. May be a bug! Or not featured with the IOS!!

  2. munish says:

    hi all,

    a question on CBarge, when phone is in SRST. i have configured CME SRST.

    – CUCM Phones have a Shared Line and Privacy is disabled to use the cBarge softkey
    – When these phones loose the connection to the CUCM, the phones and the CFB should register to their SRST Gateway
    – In SRST Mode the Shared Line and the cBarge feature should continue to work

    My Problem:

    – I configured SRST in CME Mode with Octo Line settings to support shared lines
    – Shared Lines work, but the line state “remote in use” is not working and so the cBarge feature is also not working

    The CME-SRST documentation explains that disabling privacy could be done by the following commands:

    no privacy

    or by

    ephone-template 1
    privacy off

    Both ways in any combination do not disable the privacy!

    The only way to disable the privacy under srst was by disabling it directly under the ephone configuration:

    ephone 1
    privacy off

    the condition is that I don’t want ephone in running config. Here is the config I have.

    sdspfarm units 1
    sdspfarm tag 1 sitebconf
    no privacy
    conference hardware
    srst mode auto-provision none
    srst ephone template 1
    srst dn line-mode octo
    max-ephones 5
    max-dn 10 preference 5 no-reg
    ip source-address port 2000
    system message You are in fallback mode
    voicemail 2400
    max-conferences 8 gain -6
    call-forward pattern .T
    transfer-system full-consult
    transfer-pattern .T
    secondary-dialtone 9

    ephone-template 1
    privacy off
    softkeys remote-in-use CBarge Newcall

    ephone-dn 10 octo-line
    number A006
    conference ad-hoc

    I did topic found a few cases but no solution. Please advice. Also it works on CME 8.0

    any advice

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