Difference Between Barge and cBarge: In a line

‘Barge’ uses the built-in Conference Bridge on the phone, so allows maximum three parties on the conference.

‘cBarge’ uses the hardware/software Conference Bridge associated with CUCM/CME, so allows configurable number of users on the bridge.

It’s so simple, right?


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2 Responses to Difference Between Barge and cBarge: In a line

  1. Mijanur Rahman says:

    Hi bro,

    Which region you are living at? Mark Snow will be taking one 10-day bootcamp of CCIE Voice on next November at Dubai – this might be a good move for you. Also, have you explored the INE site for CCIE Voice materials? There are 2/3 packages, I will suggest to go with “CCIE Voice Ultimate Bundle”, this includes all you need to start with and till end your preparation.
    Follow this link: http://www.ine.com/ccie-voice-lab-preparation.htm

  2. azhar says:

    Hi Bro.
    I am in initial state to prepare my CCIE voice Exame.Could you please suggest some useful advise regarding to Instructor for training through INE or other videos(To whome i should choose+study material) and one last thing when the VOICE lab is going to change and what are the expecting changes in new lab 2012 0r 2013.

    I’ll really appreciate if you send me the usefull link or information.

    thanks in advance

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