Default/Recommended QoS Classification and Marking for Voice Packets

These are taken from the QoS SRND guide.

class-map match-all Voice
match ip dscp ef                          ! IP Phones mark Voice to EF (46)
class-map match-any Call Signaling
match ip dscp cs3                       ! Future Call-Signaling marking
match ip dscp af31                     ! IP Phones mark Call-Signaling (SCCP/MGCP)
policy-map WAN-EDGE
class Voice
priority percent 33                    ! Maximum recommended LLQ value
compress header ip rtp            ! Optional: Enables Class-Based cRTP
class Call Signaling
bandwidth percent 5                 ! BW guarantee for Call-Signaling
class class-default
fair-queue                                      ! All other data gets fair-queuing
Ok, now tell me why Auto QoS reserves 70% priority bandwidth for voice RTP class instead of 33% recommended? I’m still finding the answer…..

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