One Basic Difference Between Catalyst 3750 and 4500 Series switches: Police Rate

4500 series switch can’t police incoming traffic less than 32kbps but can police upto 32Gbps!

4510SW(config-pmap-c)#police ?
<32000-32000000000>       Rate in bits per second (postfix k, m, g optional; decimal point allowed)
aggregate                     Aggregate policer for the current class

On the other hand 3750 series switches can police as low as 8kbps but the upper limit restricts to 1Gbps only.

3750SW(config-pmap-c)#police ?
<8000-1000000000>           Bits per second
aggregate                     Choose aggregate policer for current class

I just discovered it today when I was trying to configure 16kbps police rate on 4510 and failed. 😛


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