A small note on AAR

AAR (Automated Alternate Routing) only works on the cases when remote site phones still have SCCP connection with the CUCM at the central site, but the remote location do not have enough bandwidth to establish a call over the IP WAN. It can reroute the call using AAR (via PSTN or secondary IP path) ONLY for this particular case. I just learnt it today when I tried to reach my SRST site phones by AAR, but just failed. But I accepted it cordially. 🙂


About Mijanur Rahman
I have started blogging to save and share my study notes, findings and research notes as I have already lost some important! Wish you find something helpful from my blogs, if you have anything to ask you are always welcome to comment or contact me directly. Thanks, Md. Mijanur Rahman

2 Responses to A small note on AAR

  1. dreamforccie says:

    thanks! yes, that’s the only way out 🙂

  2. Roger says:

    To be able to call the phone when in SRST you can use the CFUR field. Set the CSS to the same as AAR and put the full E.164 number in the destination field.

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