Presence Feature on CME: Monitor line and DND status

One intro before u configure for DND, this feature is supporting from CUCME v7.1, even 7.0 doesn’t support it.

If you want to monitor the line status of 1001 from the line 1002, configure as below:

ephone-dn  1
number 1001
description 4001
allow watch
ephone-dn  2
number 1002
description 1002

ephone  1
device-security-mode none
mac-address xxxx.yyyy.zzzz
button  1:1
ephone  2
device-security-mode none
mac-address xxxx.yyyy.zzzz
blf-speed-dial 1 4001 label “MONITOR_PH-01”
button  1:2

presence call-list

presence enable

Take special care while configuring the bolded commands, cuz they controls this feature.

It will create another line on the phone 2 with label ‘MONITOR_PH-01‘ which will led red when phone 1 (line 1001) goes to off-hook, connected or even DND state (for CME 7.1). Also from the directory like Missed Calls or Received calls you can see the status of the line 1001.

One very important troubleshooting tip, don’t forget to apply ‘create cnf-files‘ under telephony-services and reset the phones after configuring Presence service, this is very important! Even I was needed to reload the router once to activate it, so please keep this in mind. 🙂 That’s all done, wish you best of luck while testing this cool feature. 🙂


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Mijanur started blogging to save and share his study and research notes. A deep diver in technologies and loves to participate in technical brainstorming. Proud father of two wonderful daughters loves to spend time with them. He writes about the topics that people deal with every day mainly on technology arena. To get in touch contact him at

One Response to Presence Feature on CME: Monitor line and DND status

  1. Anis says:

    Hi Mijanur,

    Thanks for share ur study notes.
    I tried the same configuration. I can see the phone icon as of presence when my ext-4002 is in idle state, but when my phone one is on line i cant see any thing in directories option !!
    Can you guide me please what is the issue ?

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