Mobile Connect/Single Number Reach (SNR) on CUCM

I love this feature, if you don’t know what this is I’m giving a short description on it. If someone calls you on your deskphone and SNR is configured like your mobile phone is associated with your deskphone, your mobile phone will also be connected after configurable number of seconds. So when you are moving somewhere from your desk and, your call will never me missed 🙂

Now let’s talk about it’s configuration, it’s pretty easier to configure, follow me:

1. Create an end user and associate his deskphone at his profile:

2. Configure Remote Destination Profile (RDP):

3. Configure Remote Destination:

That’s all! Just create a route pattern to route your mobile call toward destination.

Now let’s have a try calling your deskphone, your mobile will also be connected after configured seconds (4 seconds by default), if you answer your call from the mobile your deskphone can sense it! wohoo!! your deskphone line will lid red as long as you are talking over mobile. 🙂 okey, now think you have reached near to your desk and now you want to keep talking using your deskphone, so hangup the call from the mobile it will get hold automatically and now resume it from your deskphone. It’s cool, right? I loved this feature so much! 🙂


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4 Responses to Mobile Connect/Single Number Reach (SNR) on CUCM

  1. Geek says:

    If I want to call from the same number what I have define in remote destination number, how any one who whom I am calling to internally, can see the name of the number to whom we mapped to. Like 8474245 mapped to IP phone ext. 6363 (IT)and If 8474245 call to any one inside that CUCM IP phone ext. let suppose to 6000, then how it should receive the same name (IT) on their Desk IP phone.

  2. Selva says:

    Hello Friend, can we add two more numbers to this feature, means i need to add my home landline, and also my personal mobile number

  3. Riyas says:

    Is there anything new with this SNR feature in latest CUCM versions like 8.6 ? Thanks in advance

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