Automatic Call Recording at UCCX!!!

I was googling for such solution where call recording would start automatically without the recording key pressed by supervisors. Some renowned third party recording solutions are there like Verint or NICE, but I knew the recording feature is a built-in feature of UCCX, so why not using it? But the default option is to start recording by the supervisor himself manually for any selected agent, but it won’t start recording calls of all agents automatically. I started looking for it when found it can be done by modifying the workflow by someone from Cisco Support Community, and I just found it while navigating the Cisco Desktop Administrator (CDA) options. I have just paste down the screenshost from CDA, but the rest of integration and call flow scripting? You have to done it by yourself bro.

1. Navigate to Work Flow Groups>CAD Agent>Voice Contact Work Flows:

2. Add a new ‘Voice Contact Work Flow List’, I have named it ‘AutoCallRecord’:

3.  Add call record start event at ‘Answered Call’:

4. Similarly add another recording stop event:

5. Set a simple rule like ‘Called Party Number != empty’:

6. All done! This will start recording the agent calls automatically without any supervisor involvement, BUT these recorded calls would be available for the particular supervisor only, this is not global for all. That is, the CSQ agents calls would be available to only the supervisor assigned for those agents who can review/delete/save those. Now let’s look at the recorded files:

7.  And let’s see the supervisor recording access page:

One limitation is there for you, with Premium license you can record 80 simultaneous calls at max, and with Enhanced license it’s 32. Also, it’s resource hungry solution, so think before your server and sizing before configuring it! Also, you must have to configure SPAN based or Desktop sniffing based network configurations before you start recording/monitoring. This Cisco guide will must help you regarding all these:


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19 Responses to Automatic Call Recording at UCCX!!!

  1. Rohit says:

    We are looking to setup the call recording with UCCX and CUCM, We have some following requirements. Can someone suggest what would be the best way to set this up?
    Users are using Cisco DX 650 phones
    Users need to have ability to record their calls and listen to it manually
    we don’t want users to have access to other users recording

  2. priyanka says:

    This is an amazing blog with cool info. I am now using Total Recall android application which is actually an auto call recorder and it auto record calls and auto upload files on server. Amazing User interface as well.

  3. Chan Merritt says:


    Quick question, the mapped drive you have there is that your PC drive? We are in the process of testing out both UCCX and Calabrio recording software and I am trying to figure out a way to export or copy the recordings off of the UCCX server to a network drive for the Supervisors to store these files alittle longer, is there such a way without needing Root access?

  4. bill says:

    i followed the above steps but when I check my my recorded files; all sessions are 00:00:00 in length.
    i must have messed something up somewhere- can you please assist?

  5. bill says:

    Hey Mijanur,

    Thanks for the awesome post!

    I was hoping you can help me out with something.
    I followed your steps and auto recording seems to be working, almost.
    when I check in supervisor desktop under recorded files, I see the agents and a bunch of recordings. the duration of the recordings are all zero, except for a few which are 00:00:01 and when trying to play them I get nothing.

    would you have any clues of what I can try to get this to work?


  6. Bill Cooksey says:

    Is it possible to observe calls without recording the calls? We want the capabilty to observe without recording. Thanks

    • Mijanur Rahman says:

      Yes a feature is there called ‘Silent Monitoring’ – a supervisor can monitor the agent activities by listening the real time conversation between agent and the caller without interrupting them. If you want to observe them later then you must need to store the conversation, means you have to record and store for previewing.

      • Hello,

        Can you please guide us for the silent monitoring ? I specifically means screen shots if possible as there are no other good websites as you have it here.

  7. Alan Costa says:

    Hi dear Mijanur, i am glad to find you. I have an easy question but i couldn´t find it clear at The question is: I am upgrading my call center and at the moment i am using a Third Party recorder and i would like to let me free from this recorder. So can i use the CR as a recorder of a large number of calls? My intentions are to have just Cisco Solutions on my UCCX.
    The right solutions will be:
    1 UCS-C210 – Publisher UCCX 8.5
    1 UCS-C210 – Subscriber UCCX 8.5
    1 UCS-C210 – WorkForce Manager
    1 UCS-C210 – AQM
    1 MCS-7845 – CR
    With this can i recorder all the incoming calls without third party recorder?

    • Mijanur Rahman says:

      Yes you can! Even you have AQM license means besides only voice recording you can also configure screen recording. Forget third party. 🙂

  8. Ali says:

    hi Mijanur,
    do you know how can i integrate UCCX with 3’rd party recording system (e.x NICE,Red Box)
    I couldn’t find any cisco doc for third party integration , this is my first implementation of uccx

    • Mijanur Rahman says:

      Cisco shouldn’t have such documentation to integrate with third party recording systems – third party products should have! Ask the product owner company if it’s compatible with Cisco UC environment and provide related documentation to start with.

      BTW, depending on different technologies those products can be designed – may be based on span port (on voice vlan) and listen to voice traffic on the network or may be based on desktop based server/client system. Using span port the same voice vlan traffic can be copied into new vlan – recording systems will listen to this new vlan to start/stop recording, Cisco already supports this, even through L3 network!

      • Ali says:

        Hi Mijsnur,
        I meant the integration from UCCX side , 3rd party company can provide me with integration steps in terms of recorder server side , what do u think.

  9. Shawn says:

    Mijanur, we have been automatically recording calls for over two years. (We are running UCCX 7.0(1)SR05). We were told by TAC that Cisco does not support recording all calls. We limit the calls that are recorded by only recording specific DNIS’s. We noticed that on busy days, recordings are cut off, mixed with other calls, or had other issues. I spoke with TAC again and they stated:
    “As per our phone conversation, here is the information related to the automatic recording:
    In this case that you need to record all the calls that come into the call center you will need to consider using QM or Compliance Recording features for recording. Basically, the UCCX is not intended for Automatic recording and recording all calls using a workflow is not a feature that currently supported by the product.
    This information is mentioned in the CAD install guide page 22 “The CAD recording functionality is intended for “on demand” use only, and not for recording all calls in the contact center” and in the CSD Install guide page 44 “The recording feature is not intended to record every call. It is an on-demand solution only.”

    P.S. Great blog by the way.

    • Mijanur Rahman says:

      Hi Shawn,

      Yes, this exercise is not for the production environment obviously, I was just curious on the recording option CCX built with. And yes, for production you are always recommended to go for QM/CR from Cisco or any third party vendor like Verint or Nice etc.

  10. delacon says:

    Thank you for all the information. It’s really helpful! Keep up the good articles

  11. Mijanur Rahman says:

    Hi Robert, thanks for your advice and it can be well explained if you please share the link of the documentation. Also it’s only the workaround method for call recording because we know well it’s not the right method for recordings, I also suggest for any third party products like Verint or Nice, but the method explained is just to share the method nailed out while researching to find out some way around….

  12. Mijanur,
    Just so you know, while this method will work it is explicitly not supported by Cisco TAC and in the installation, configuration, and design guides it is stated that UCCX is not intended to be a full time recording product and should not be used as such. You can do the steps you have outlined above, but you will likely see poor audio on the recordings, errors in the audio files, and mismatched audio. I would definitely shy away from this method for recording all calls. There are separate products for recording all calls for a reason, and in this case, it’s not just to make an extra buck. It really is about giving the customer what they paid for an ensuring that what Cisco says the product does, it will do. Feel free to contact me if you would like references to the documentation where this is not supported.

    • Mike Murphy says:


      I have come across this issue a couple of times now. The problem is that the SRND and data sheets specifically state that ‘Complete’ recording is supported on CCX as well as ‘Ad Hoc’ recording. That is contradictory to your statements. This contradiction needs to be eleiminated to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

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